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purity and luxure

Larimar is the Dominican national stone. It is also the gem color of the sea which will remind you of your holidays on every occasion you wear it. Whether it is a pair of delicate earrings at the office or the flamboyant necklace at a gala evening.

None of the pieces are the same, because each stone has a spectrum of shades of blue with its striations and cloudlets.

Although it is a semi-precious stone, the Larimar is worn on every occasion. Very trendy with a jeans and a blouse, it will surprise during the most formal evenings, or even for a wedding. A saying assumes that you need to wear an element of blue for a happy marriage. What is better than Larimar? A must for those who will pronounce "Yes I do"!


Larimar balances everything within the emotion sphere and recalls the calm of the sea.

Created by volcanic activity, it balances the energy of water and fire. It cleans the negative emotional blockages, helps to let go and consideration.The larimar is excellent for relieving stress and depression

phenomenal properties